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Tassel is building the first guided pathways product.

Who We Are

Our mission is to build intuitive products that augment the ability of college advisors and counselors to collaborate with their students.

We are an experienced team of enterprise software developers each with over 15 years building and shipping products at companies like Peoplesoft, Oracle, Successfactors, and Salesforce. We are on a mission to reinvent enterprise software products in higher education to provide students with modern engaging and collaborative user experiences.

Four Pillars

Of Guided Pathways

Define The Path

Create clear curricular Pathways to employment and futher education.

Enter The Path

Help students choose and enter their Pathway.

Stay On The Path

Help students stay on their Pathway.

Ensure Learning

Follow through, and ensure that better practices are providing improved student results.

Guided Pathway

The Opportunity to Innovate

As colleges redesign how they support their students, the goal of providing clear guided pathways to career or transfer outcomes present the opportunity to provide students with a new cohesive student experience for career exploration, academic planning and professional networking in one solution.

Tassel Solution - Pathways

A comprehensive student system to support academic and career planning with tools for education planning, career exploration and professional and industry networking

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